Sunday, June 16, 2013

WAYCROSS COLLEGE Waycross Georgia Community College School emblem, Ware County Georgia Campus

WAYCROSS COLLEGE Waycross Georgia Community College School emblem, 
Ware County Georgia

2001 South Georgia Parkway
Waycross, GA. 31503

Waycross College School Phone Number
Waycross College, a two-year unit of the University System of Georgia, exists to provide programs of higher education for citizens of the immediate and surrounding communities. The College's philosophy is to provide opportunities for those who need special preparation for regular college-level courses, while giving well-prepared students immediate access to transfer courses that can be applied toward advanced study appropriate to their academic goals.

Waycross College is located on South Georgia Parkway at Augusta Avenue in Ware County, Georgia, and is within the city limits of Waycross on a  150 acre campus.